Vince Roos, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Central Valley/Mother Lode

The driving conviction behind Vince’s professional and personal efforts is a vision for “Possibilities”. At the intersection of organizational goals and individual aspirations, expanded potential exists. Motivated by this perspective, Vince seeks to encourage the integration of all organizational elements, whether people or processes, to ensure organizational and individual goals are mutually achieved.

In the role of Regional Director since early 2018, Vince found a natural opportunity to connect the dots between industry employers, academia and students/employees for meaningful, mutual benefit and economic prospects. Working backwards from Industry to College programming, Vince seeks to facilitate identification, design and implementation of appropriate training programs, certificates and degree tracks which will yield a two pronged objective of an 1) equipped, suitably skilled and competent workforce Industry wants and needs to meet its near term to future requirements, and 2) fulfilling careers that offer employees greater wage and advancement probabilities.

Vince leverages a diverse background in academics, legislative/policy work and business management experience. Vince earned a doctorate in Organization Development, applying that expertise to practical applications useable for business, academia and students. Vince has a natural affinity for systems thinking, for the identification and development of programmatic strategies. Vince’s love for students enhanced by his experience in the classroom and in administration at the junior college and bachelor’s levels, enables Vince to utilize an already on the ground, practical perspective towards the design and delivery of pertinent, applicable programming useful for students and employers. Before venturing into academia, Vince worked in legislative/policy development specific to the Central Valley of California. Working in a congressional office and later as a private consultant, equipped Vince to view any opportunities or challenges from multiple perspectives. As a private consultant, Vince provided clients with policy insights and counsel, as well as conducting internal and external assessment services for gaining, regaining or maintaining competitive advantage. Vince’s earlier career was focused in production agriculture and marketing where he owned and operated Hillview Orchards. This fruit and nut growing operation included marketing of fresh market, processing, as well as dried fruit products. Among clients were organizations such as Del Monte, Dole, Signature Fruit, Harry & David, Mountain People and Costco. Vince also operated a mail order business including several retail outlets.

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Vince found a natural opportunity to connect the dots between employers and employees towards mutual benefit and economic possibilities.”