• Support of Online R·H·T Programs in the wake of the Global Pandemic – We’re working directly with faculty throughout the state to come up with innovative ways to ensure  students are able to complete their courses despite having to move into an entirely online environment.  Got an idea to share? Please contact us
  • Working with Industry to Connect Resources to displaced R·H·T workers – Our new R·H·T Resources Page  is updated weekly with programs, links and resources to help R·H·T workers and students find jobs, get training and get connected to help given the current health crisis. Want to share something essential with our audience? Please contact us.  
  • Retail Ready – three phase program with retailers in the state that includes: Phase 1) industry partnership on campus; Phase 2) on-site experiences & work-based learning and Phase 3) opportunities for employment with the retailer.
  • Work-Based Learning – developing experiences such as internships and apprenticeships to build work-based learning experiences. Our team is currently developing internship and apprenticeships in Retail, Hospitality and Tourism. Contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us on these programs.
  • Incarcerated Culinary Instruction Pilot – an innovative program that builds work skills with incarcerated students at a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facility that supports Cal Fire crews, in an effort to create a new pipelines for a trained culinary workforce for the  R·H·T  sector.