New Training Provides Answers on Post-COVID19 Customer Service

Introducing a new Customer Service & Safety in Hospitality training program – What Would You Do? This animated series covers how to provide excellent customer service in a post-COVID19 Hospitality industry. Learners will confront every day challenges, balancing both safety and customer service issues. 

The CASEWORX platform allows for video case scenarios as a learning jumping off point, while also providing opportunities for students to interact with each other, and for faculty to add important content within the platform to enhance learning. Since the statewide shelter-in-place orders have been put into place in March 2020, the move to new modes of delivery of key content for R·H·T programs is essential. 

Interested in checking out the pilot program?  CONTACT US TODAY!.Faculty and student input this fall will help us refine the program and prepare it for widespread use in spring 2021

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